In-Home Guitar Lessons

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With infinite ways to learn how to play guitar what sets "us" apart from the rest?  For starters we come to you so you save time and money. No need to pack up a guitar and amp and drive across town to get to a guitar studio.  We spend the time driving for you so you can be cooking dinner or doing something for you or your family.  And who better to learn guitar from than professional instructors with a proven track record.  We have been giving lessons for over 12 years and have it down to a science.  We don't follow a lesson plan to a "T".  No, we believe that the student dictates where the lesson goes.  There is no sense in teaching boring stuff to students who are not interested in boring stuff.  The boring stuff will come, but lets get those students hooked on what made them excited about playing guitar in the first place!  Lets learn those favorite songs, lets play behind our heads, lets be rockstars first and foremost. We assure you......the rest will follow. 

So give us a chance and see why so many have found our methods to be fun, challenging, and everlasting.